HQ TRAC and TRAC-FLVN Visitor Information

Access to Fort Leavenworth
  • For gate information, please visit the Garrison Website.
  • Visitors should enter through the Main Gate, 2nd stop light after the Missouri River Bridge. Drivers must have a DoD ID card, Locally Approved Creditial (LAC), or a Temporary Pass (1 to 30 days) to enter gate.
  • Visitors without any of the ID cards listed above must stop by the Visitor Control Center (VCC) at the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and 4th Street.
  • All vehicles are subject to random inspection.
  • Speed limits are strictly enforced on Fort Leavenworth.
  • Cell phone usage while driving is restricted to hands-free usage only.

Getting to TRAC

HQ TRAC is located in McNair Hall and TRAC-FLVN is located next door in Funston Hall.

Inbound to TRAC?

Meals and Lodging

Fort Leavenworth has numerous dining options on post. All are open for lunch on weekdays but not all are open for dinner or open on the weekends. For more information: Dining Options on Fort Leavenworth. The on-post hotel is just a half mile from TRAC.

IHG Lodging, Hoge Hall On-post Dining Options